Melanie Cassidy

she, her, hers
Learning and Curriculum Support Librarian, University of Guelph
Areas of expertise
I currently work as an IL librarian and do mostly instruction and research support in the social sciences. My team is very focused on IL concepts, including the ACRL framework, pedagogy as it relates to library-instruction, and critlib. My previous role was a liaison for several social science programs. I also participate in event planning both within the academic library and in the community. Before becoming a librarian I worked for several years in an academic library in a non-librarian role.
Can help with
Happy to give feedback on CVs and cover letter, interview tips, ways to stay engaged in trends and scholarship, perspective on academic libraries in Canada (from a librarian and non-librarian perspective), and general advice and support. Also always happy to collaborate on projects if you are looking for someone to work with on a paper, presentation, or something else.
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Contact, @BooksCassidy